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Export Import Transaction & Risk Management Course

Our company recently held an in-house training course on Export Import Documentation and Risk Management, delivered by Mr John Brooks.  The in-house format allowed us to rotate in staff from various disciplines within our business to specific modules, so all could gain the greatest insight relevant to their areas of operation.  We were impressed with the depth of knowledge and practical experience John brought to the training and his willingness to delve into more detail on specific areas of concern for us.  With the knowledge gained from the course and the course manual provided, we are now beginning reviews of our procedures and documentation across all markets, to ensure best practice.

Tony Chandler
International Logistics Manager
Bundaberg Brewed Drinks July 2016


Comments following In House Presentation at Ecom Commodities Pty Ltd, Sydney conducted November 2015

The two day course will give participants an insight of Export Import transaction and Risk Management.  John has a wealth of knowledge and experience and he will share these with you throughout the 2 days. You will experience a number of case studies that may apply to your current day to day business that could save your company time and money.  The detailed training Manual provided is a must for every business.

Stephen Boelhouwer
Ecom Commodities P/L Sydney

Comments following In House presentation at Fruit Master Australia Pty Ltd, conducted November 2015

We have had several of our staff attend the EXPORT IMPORT TRANSACTION AND RISK MANAGEMENT COURSE from our business of all different levels and everyone has gained immensely.  John is very accommodating.  Our last course was in house which was excellent as it allowed our staff to keep up with their daily work, and it also allowed the course to be more tailored to our export industry.  Another note which needs to be mentioned is that John is contactable at any time in the future for answering our questions, and he is always on top of any information to be aware for with country risk, or changes that effect the export industry.  We can highly recommend this form of in-house training for small business’s.

Kelly Wandel,
Fruit Master Australia Pty Ltd

“I have been to John’s course and decided that all our staff should be attending as part of the induction training. We then decided to ask John for an in-house course to provide training for new employees as well as a refresher for everybody else. It was the best decision we could have made. Everybody attending the second time contested that they got even more out of the course than the first time. John has an incredible wide and deep knowledge and also a wealth of personal experience in the topics he covers in the course. But it is also a very dynamic environment. So intensely debated questions during the course could be confirmed one way or the other right on the spot through John’s incredible network of banks & businesses, government and non-government organisations”

Gerret S,
Director International Timber Solutions Pty Ltd.  Mt. Gambier, Taiwan and New Zealand

Dear John and Mike,

A big Thank You to both of you!
I could say this 2-day course is the most beneficial training I've ever had. I am so impressed by John's professionalism and his substantial experience in the export and import field.
Also, thanks to my boss, Mike, I had that opportunity to attend it and broaden my horizon. I'm sure this will help me work more efficiently in the future.

Best regards,
Jackie Z,
Weyerhaeuser China Limited

John delivers an excellent programme, which not only covers fundamentals in international trade, but he also provides tricks and advice as well as highlighting traps of day to day operations. He does that all from a wealth of personal experience and knowledge in a very entertaining way. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learned a lot and had all my staff going through his Institute.  Even years later we still refer sometimes to the course material.

Gerret S,
International Timber Solutions Pty Ltd.


Express Freight Management has been sending staff to the Export Import Transaction & Risk Management Course conducted by John Brooks of the Auspacific Institute now for a number of years.  We have found the course content to be excellent as it unfolds by way of a critical path and is full of practical, legal and easy to understand case studies.  The course manual is excellent and very user friendly, it is full of practical and up to date information which we use as a our working reference for all export import activities.

We would highly recommend all companies involved in any area of exporting or importing to send their staff.  
Alex S,
Express Freight Management

I have known John Brooks of the Auspacific Institute many years and have send a number of staff to his training courses (including myself) conducted in emerging markets. In particular my staff  have found the knowledge gained by attending The Export Import Transaction & Risk Management Course to be particularly useful.  Staff  have gained an excellent understanding of what makes up the Export Import Transaction the risks they confront and the mitigation strategies that they can implement. The manual is nothing but excellent as it is regularly up dated and user friendly
Ron J,
Spectra Chemicals & Commodities (Shanghai) Co Ltd

Comments from In House presentation at Elders Limited October 2014

“I found the course to be extremely beneficial and relevant. It was an excellent two days and the fact we could go through our own business case study made the course even more interesting. John has a wealth of knowledge and presents with such enthusiasm” Bill Andrews, ESCAS & Operations Coordinator – NACC, Elders International.

“John Brooks’ wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial risk management of import and export transactions is most impressive. What he does not know on the topic is not worth knowing. The 2 day course was both insightful and informative and enabled the team to discuss issues of particular concerns, especially given the nature of our business. John was very approachable and more than happy to be contacted regarding trade matters on an on-going basis well after the end of the 2 days. It was an extremely beneficial course with extensive course material, which is like a bible of trade finance. It is a must course for any business or individual either importing or exporting goods.” Michael Shanahan, Treasury Analyst, Elders Rural Services.

Comments from attendee at Brisbane Course October 2014

“The course was very in-depth of the processes and procedures of import / export, and was well received by the group. This short 2 day course has recognized opportunities, and has made our company rethink our strategy for the export/ Import business.  John Brooks has a wealth of knowledge in the Import / Export business.”

Comments from attendees at Adelaide Course July 2014

“relevant to everyday business transactions, very structured and logically set out” “strength is the level of details and knowledge of presenter, have not seen such a relevant flow of information in a global context”

Comments from attendee at Perth Course June 2014

“runs in a logical sequence of events, builds on the basics and comprehensive in terms of coverage of subject matter”
“great course, comprehensive and useful as a basis for improving export transactions and risk management thereof”

Comment from attendee at Brisbane Course March 2014

I would like to thank you for the training last week. The information you supplied is world class. I would encourage any person who works in imports/exports to attend this training. I took so much information with me

Comment from attendee at Suva Fiji Course November 2013

It was great attending the course and the best part was the real world examples and situations that you talked about. Besides the course contents I gained a lot from the discussions as we could draw on your experiences

Comment from attendee at Launceston course August 2013

I was talking with a colleague yesterday, discussing when a sale was considered a sale for one of our export products, and it was amazing how much more informed I was after the course! I have already put to good use some of the information I learned last week. Thanks!

Comments from attendees at course conducted in Perth May 2013

“The course last week has caused us to look again at our procedures and practices and has opened a few eyes, mine included. A wealth of information which is well supported by the file. It will take a while to digest”
“ Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It will be very useful as we expand our direct importing. I will recommend the Marketing Dept send some reps to your next course as they do most of the exporting functions"
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