The Auspacific Institute has three major areas of activity, they are,

1. Advisoryauspacific

  • We can guide you on all aspects of international trade including finance, export import mechanics, risk management and foreign exchange. Specific examples include advice on Incoterms to fit with your contract structure and assist with linkage to the payment mechanism, shipping documents and credit arrangements to fit with the recommended Incoterm.
  • We provide advice on Documentary Credits and other payment mechanism to suit your export import contract
  • We can advise on country risk advising the pitfalls and ways to mitigate risk for exports
  • We can advise on international supply chain management and logistics management
  • We can advise on trade agreements that Australia may have with countries in our region
  • We can advise and complete cost benefit analysis  and financial feasibility studies and government policy work
  • We can conduct research and provide reports on issues in international trade & finance
  • We can provide short form country reports for countries in the Asia Pacific region
  • We have strong expertise in capacity building for small business and have carried out this work in countries like Kiribati, Fiji and Australia. This area of expertise is particularly appropriate for a small business that wishes to establish an export import business arm.

2. Training

  • See segment regarding our training courses. All members of the Institute must hold a mandatory Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training in addition to normal disciplnes.
  • We are very experienced in both distance modes of learning and personal presentations

3. Consulting

  • The consulting work we do normally emanates out the activities with companies in 1 and 2 and revolves around aspects of international economics, trade & finance.


Areas of expertise include all aspect s of International Trade & Finance which capture  specifically Trade Economics, Financial Economics, Export-import procedures and Risk Management, Foreign Exchange, Credit Management for Banks and Non-Banks, International Trade Finance, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and  Capacity Building in emerging Markets.  

We can conduct audits for Export and Import companies and Trade Finance units in banks and  provide advice on country risk and exchange rate economics.

We have worked as a consultant for the World Bank in emerging market countries conducting a series of training courses in countries such as Bangladesh and PNG.
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