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The Auspacific Institute has been active in the promotion of international economics trade and finance since its inception in 1991 and now has many clients in both developed and emerging market countries.

Our mission statement is to assist all stakeholders improve skills and efficiencies in their international trade, economic and financial related activities and assist in risk mitigation.

Auspacific Investments Pty Ltd

This is the holding company for The Auspacific Institute.
Activities include banking and finance training and advice, consulting work with various business colleges and in particular a strong relationship with Kaplan Business College where the principal John Brooks has been and continues to be involved in the development of FIN111, FIN211 and FIN 212 subjects (Task Force Member of each subject). Areas of activity include financial planning advice and financial management

John also has been involved in the competency learning program since its inception at Kaplan a number of years ago covering a number of Tier 1 subjects

We are also experienced in managing a Secretariat role for an organization and can organize and manage conferences
Auspacific Investments Pty Limited are also active in areas of Trade and Investment activities and Export Project Finance
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